Thursday, January 29, 2015

In situ pig pen



Older photos from when we brought weaner pigs home weeks ago. The ground was so muddy the truck started sliding and "parked itself". The little ones snuggled down in their cozy straw bed for a couple days before the ground dried out enough to make it to the pig pasture.


You know that task you really, really don't want to tackle? You try not to think about it hoping to ignore it for as long as possible? Yeah, me too. This time of year, this task is taxes. My desk is piled high with all sorts of groan-inducing statements, receipts and 1099s. (Interesting tidbit: Farmer's taxes are due March 1st instead of April 15th). Thanks to our office remodel/shuffle I can now just close the curtains, ignore the mess and blissfully procrastinate!

Unfortunately, this procrastination has directly impacted my blogging as I have to use the computer to download the photos from my camera. Yesterday I finally sat down and sorted through all those darn papers and look at what I found lurking beneath:


Why it is the cable that connects the camera to the computer. I didn't even notice it was missing. It must have been a sign that I seriously needed to deal with this paperwork problem before I could do fun things like blogging.

Desk is clean. Camera is backlogged with a bunch of old photos and I'll be back to regular updates shortly. Thanks for hanging in there!