Sunday, October 26, 2014


Over the last few weeks, something has been hitting our layer flock. This is exceptionally frustrating as we have been trying to build up the flock to increase egg production for our Meat CSA. An occasional loss of one or two birds is no problem but predators that move in and treat our livestock as a primary food source are not welcome. In general, we hate to dispatch any wildlife and only do so when they are caught in the act of hazing or killing our livestock. This week Nathan shot 3 raccoons and a bobcat around the chicken house. Hopefully the flock is safe for now.



Jarm said...

Wow, the flock must have been hit hard to necessitate the removal of that many predators. Glad to hear that the flock is a bit safer now.

Katia said...

Mid summer we had 60 layers, 50 upcoming pullets and 20 or so random birds (roosters, bantams, a spring hatch in the barn). Nathan did a roost count this week and we have 83. A few we culled or died of natural causes but there were lots of feather piles down in the rose thicket and some very fat predators.

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