Friday, November 1, 2013

Hidden midden

Lured by a suspicious smell, Nathan pulled the tarp off the saw to reveal this marvelously elaborate midden.

A tidy pile of wood trim pieces. The trim patterns provide interesting detail for the eye while the light-colored wood brings an elemental softness to the stark metal background.

Another room that incorporates the trim motif. In a stroke of genius, the wood is now the hard element accented with luxuriously soft chicken feathers and a brand new jersey glove pilfered from the seat of the truck to bring the space together. It's like sleeping on a cloud - with boards underneath!

Next we move on to the green room - lavishly decorated with half a bale of the finest alfalfa hay. Sheer intoxication!

And finally a close up on the remarkable pantry, the absolute gem of the house. Making full use of the bounty of the season, this apple alter really creates a cozy home celebrating all the beauty of fall. Smaller embellishments of squash and carrots provide a pop of complementary color in this unique space. 

This one-of-a-kind home, recently vacated is now available for a new resident worthy of its' charms. Comes fully furnished. Very secluded and private with a charming fence of antique leg-holding traps to keep nosy neighbors (or yourself if you don't know where they are at) at bay. Meticulous cleanliness a must - no packrats here. If you don't own a vacuum cleaner don't even bother applying. Strict HOA rules. Co-op interview and approval required. Call today!

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Kira said...

Oh my goodness, the mansion of all mouse-houses! Lifestyles of the Ranch and Farm-ous?

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