Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Special calf

Isn't this a pretty little heifer calf with her panda eyes and giant bat ears?


She's pretty unique in our herd


She has no tail. No, she wasn't born this way, she was attacked by coyotes. They tore off her entire tail and some of the tissue on her rump. When Lloyd and Nathan found her she was completely hoarse from bawling. Poor thing.

We washed the wound as best we could and covered it with a thick coating of pine tar since there is no way the wound could be sutured or bandaged. Pine tar has natural antimicrobial properties and works by coating the wound to keep the skin and tissue moist and clean while sealing out dirt and other contaminants. We gave her a round of antibiotics and turned her out with mama. In situations like these we just treat the wound to the extent of our abilities and hope for the best.


Luckily this calf is pretty tenacious and seems to be doing just fine. Here she is five days after the attack, alert and perky as she inspects my uncle Mike.


Still curious and friendly as she checks out Echo.

If a bobtail calf (as calves that survive coyote attacks like these are called) doesn't die immediately from shock or blood loss, the next challenge is fighting off secondary infections. Well, it has been 10 days or so from the incident and the calf is showing no signs of illness, so we are ready to turn Stubbz (as Nathan calls her) and her mama back out with the herd.

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Kate said...

I am so glad that Stubbz is still doing fine. Echo and Mike are also pleased that the Ranch critters are thriving!

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