Thursday, February 21, 2013

The ole red rooster

Our old red rooster, affectionately know as Inspector Doodles passed away.


He was the nicest (and biggest) rooster I've ever met. He was one of our Freedom Ranger meat birds from a few summers ago but was so social and friendly that he earned a place as a pet here at the ranch. When the Freedom Ranger birds were little, it was always a sea of red chickens everywhere you looked.




When the birds were younger, it was hard to tell if there was one red chicken that was particularly friendly or if the whole batch was full of docile birds.


We noticed that this one had a crooked toe and put a band on his leg for identification. It was always the banded rooster with the janky toe that came to visit. He followed you around, "helped" in the barnyard and much to Nathan and Lloyd's chagrin - was always making himself at home in the shop.




He was sweet and friendly - never minded being picked up and was content to sit at your feet and be petted.



He loved the mystery that a bucket brings. If he saw you across the barnyard with a bucket he would hurry on over to inspect it.


He was a sweet bird and definitely one of our barnyard icons. I know I have said it before, but because I live so rurally and may only leave the ranch one or two times a month, the animals do become my friends and coworkers. It is always hard to look for a familiar face in the barnyard crowd only to remember that he won't be there this morning waiting to inspect the bucket I carry. I'll sure miss that ole red rooster.

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