Tuesday, September 11, 2012


We lost one of our freezers last week. Well it's not like it wandered off somewhere and we can't find it - the compressor finally gave out. It is only by a stroke of luck that I happened to be ratting around in all the freezers looking for some lard. I opened this freezer and realized it wasn't very cold. A peek at the thermometer and it was 27 degrees inside!

We normally keep the freezers at -10 to zero degrees. A few degrees warmer and we could have lost everything in there. The food on top, a mish mash of personal food ranging from berries to chicken stock to leftovers had a light frost and luck of luck, all the CSA meat at the bottom of the freezer was still frozen rock solid. A good thing for CSA members that enjoy the bacon, ground pork, pork chops and cut up fryers that are kept in that freezer.

We managed to clear out enough space in all the other freezers to store the homeless food. My main concern now is where I am going to store the two beef that go to the butcher in October. Time to find a new freezer.

Do you know of somebody looking to sell or donate a functional chest style freezer? If so, let me know.