Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fire Update

It was a late night but Lloyd and Nathan at least got to come home to sleep. It was a little hectic when I got the message to pack a bag, get the baby, get the cash and anything else important and have everything ready to go by the door or in a car. I did just that and got sprinklers started around the house and called my mom to come pick up Thora. Luckily the wind changed so the fire was no longer headed straight towards us.
 The fire started in the neighbor's wheat fields and moved south towards us before the wind came up out of the west and pushed the fire east towards our other "next door" neighbors. The locals rallied over there to put out that line which they did then some of the crew headed over to our place to work on containing the other line. By then the fire had dropped down into Tub Springs Canyon and the task was to get a line around it as it headed down the slope. Fighting fire is always more successful when it is moving downhill because it kind of creeps along. Once it reaches the bottom of the canyon, if the winds picks up it will race up the other side. With those steep canyons though, if a burned off juniper rolls down the hill, it can start a new fire beyond the established lines.

By last night they had lines around the fire down in the canyon and were going to head out first thing to check it. It is in pretty rough terrain but as long as something doesn't blow up down there or a big wind come up, it should be in maintenance mode and we will watch it the next few days.

More info when the morning report comes in.

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