Monday, August 27, 2012

Fire pictures

When the smoke started. Looking north from the living room.

One of the draws the fire crept down as it tried to move south. Access from our side meant crawling all the way down the cliffside from where I took the photo, down to the creek and straight up the hill on the other side all while carrying a spray pack, shovel, water and other gear. No wonder both Lloyd and Nathan are a little stiff and sore.

When fires in this country are easily accessible by truck or ATV there are swarms of locals able to help (hence why when the fire started to run east along the field, that would be to the right in the photo, they were able to get it dead out rather quickly) but rugged terrain like this limits who is able to access and fight on the lines. All the more reason why we wanted to get it out - one is only able to climb in and out of that canyon so many times.

Well after that diversion, we are back to our regularly scheduled business of finishing up the harvest.

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