Saturday, June 2, 2012

An unexpected lesson

While tending to some of the chicken pens the other day, I t noticed a waterer was clogged up. We use a type of bucket waterer that feeds a little red dish for the birds to drink from. Much easier than fount-style waterers that must be leveled to not pour all the water over the ground.


Anyway, I didn't have the tools to fix it at the time so I took one of the random feeding pans we have, dumped the feed, filled it with water and went off to find Nathan. The particular pan in question is a little high-sided and the birds tend to flip it over by trying to perch on the edge but since Nathan would be by shortly to fix the bucket waterer, no big problem if they spilled the pan of water - they won't thirst to death.


Nathan comes by and fixes the waterer. Of course they had flipped over the pan and were happy to have their drinker back in service. We feed and water again at evening chores and the next morning, after feeding all the pens, Nathan comes inside and tells me that he flipped the pan back over to put feed in it this morning and trapped underneath was a very wet, very cold, very unhappy chicken! After a few disgruntled feather fluffs and some time sunning, she was just fine.

Seems she tried to stand on the pan edge and flipped it over, soaking her in water and trapping her underneath overnight. I felt so bad! We fill pans with water like that constantly but I've never trapped anyone under one before. So lesson learned, no matter how ridiculous it sounds, always check under upturned containers - you never know, there might be a chicken under there!

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