Monday, May 21, 2012

Seedlings in the sunroom

It seems like just yesterday that Lauren and I were tucking tiny seeds into tiny pockets of dirt. Now these little seedlings are about ready to leave the nest and head out into the garden.


The egg carton system worked wonderfully! I had to water every day because our sunroom gets so hot but it worked out well. It is easy to tell when the plants need water and how much by touching the carton to see how dry it is. I'd heard many recommendations to poke holes at the bottom of each cell to let extra water escape but I never did that and liked the results I ended up with. There was some slight issues with the cartons molding a little bit but I experienced no issues with dampening off (likely because they dried down each day so the roots did not stay wet).

Another thing I love about the egg carton system is that after several weeks of watering, the cardboard weakens a bit and the little roots just grow right through. I'm not planning on removing the plants from the carton at all, just tearing off individual cells and plunking them right into good contact with the dirt. I'll be certain to share my results.

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