Thursday, May 24, 2012

Grilling Grass-fed Beef

Double F Ranch Meat CSA member Kathy was kind enough to share the following article from this week's Oregonian:

With Memorial Day officially marking the start of grilling season, now is a "grate" time to brush up your skills and grills. This article works to dispel the common warning that high heat (like on a grill) is bad for grass-fed beef. It is not so much that the heat itself is bad but that cooking in such a manner requires special attention to limit the loss of the precious meat juices.

By following the included tips for "Grilling the Grass-fed way" you are sure to enjoy a delicious, grass-fed steak (complete with grill marks!) hot off the grill.

CSA members - does reading the article inspire you to try any of the cuts listed as "new steaks, bistro steaks or novelties"? If so, let me know and I will gladly work with the butcher to request these less than traditional cuts for future deliveries.

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