Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New fields


We were able to torch off a few of the new fields over the last few weeks. The flames skipped a few spots here and there but overall did a nice job. Still more to go if the weather cooperates but November and December are always surprisingly busy with chores we scramble to accomplish before winter really sets in. Oh well, we will get to the other fields when we can.

Burning off the old vegetation serves three purposes: (1) it cleans up the ground to make it easier to come through and work the soil without clogging up the implements with big wads of dead grass, (2) it burns up residual weed seeds to ensure we have a clean clean ground to plant in the spring and (3) burning off the grass makes it really easy to see the field edges come spring; much easier than trying to find little stakes that have sat out in the weather all winter.

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