Thursday, October 27, 2011

Meat CSA cuts: pork shoulder steaks

In our Meat CSA we distribute a wide variety of cuts from every part of the animal. Many of these cuts are familiar like steaks and pork chops but some cuts are relatively unknown or have a different name from what we purchase at the market. Don't let these cuts lurk in the back of the freezer! Knowing what the cut is, where is comes from and how it is best prepared will help bridge the gap between package and plate.

Today's cut is: Pork Shoulder Steak


This is a bone-in cut from the front shoulder of the hog. This group of muscles sees a lot of work and contains quite a bit of intramuscular fat making it well suited for low, slow cooking. One of the most common uses for pork shoulder is for pulled pork (commonly made from boneless pork shoulder roast, also called pork butt roast) due to the higher fat content which keeps the meat from drying out while cooking. These pork shoulder steaks are one of my absolute favorite cuts for the crockpot - they are the perfect size and I can dump the pork in the crock frozen (though these steaks need to be thawed just enough to remove the plastic layer between the two steaks - nobody wants slow cooked plastic for dinner!) add my of choice of seasonings and come home to an amazing smelling kitchen in the evening.

Basic Pulled Pork
Slow-cooked Coriander Pork

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