Monday, October 3, 2011

Hop Harvest


I don't write about it much on the blog, but we (and by we, I refer to the royal "we" - meaning Nathan) do our fair share of home brewing out here at the ranch, building on a tradition of generations before us. Over the last few years many of our ranch guests have shared a home brewed pint of ranch beer with many more helping to brew up batches of one-of-a-kind, truly artesanal batches of beer.


Nathan likes to joke that we are one of only a few places in the country that brew an "estate" beer meaning we grow and malt the grain, we grow the hops, we culture the yeast and use our own sweet well water. It is pretty darn difficult to get any more "local" or close to the source than that.


The other day we spent the afternoon collecting hops from the happy hop that lives in front of Lloyd's south-facing sunroom. Collected by hand, we will allow the hops to dry before packaging them up and storing until the next brew day comes a callin'!

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