Thursday, September 22, 2011

Onion harvest

It is about that time of year to start gathering in the later parts of the garden's bounty. The peas and lettuce are mostly gone, the green beans finishing up, now we start thinking about our root and storage crops. The other day we went through and dug the onion crop. Letting them sit for a few days out in the sun will give them a good cure by drying the outer layers. They will last much longer this way and I anticipate tying them up into braids in the next few days for use through the winter.



Jarm said...

Good thing you didn't have me out there... I would have speared the onions with the fork!

Jake said...

They've been in a few dishes the last few days, they're good!

Katia said...

Oh don't worry Jarom, I anticipate you spearing plenty of potatoes during your next visit.

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