Monday, September 19, 2011

Anniversary adventures

Saturday was our sixth wedding anniversary but no day escapes the non-stop action of ranch life. Two years ago we spent our anniversary night trenching the driveway as an inch and a quarter of rain threatened to wash out the road. Not the most romantic day but still quite memorable.

We got a call bright and early from Teresa in at Madras saying she couldn't find our steers in the pasture. Nathan's nana Beverly has a few acres in town with pretty good grass and irrigation water so we parked a few of our CSA steers in there for a few months. They need good grass to be gaining weight and the grass at the ranch is pretty dried up this time of year.

Nevertheless, the steers were gone. Oh and did I mention Bev lives right along a highway? We quickly finished up morning chores and loaded up to head for town. What do you bring on an adventure like this? A big stick, radios, my camera and of course the phone number for the mobile butcher just in case.
Turns out though that the sheriff got a call in the night about some stock loose on the highway south of town near the auction yards. Thinking they had escaped from the auction yard, the sheriff called the yards and asked them to pick up the escapees. The fellas at the yards knew they didn't get out from there but graciously herded them into a pen, slapped the gate shut and went back to bed.

A morning that could have been spent chasing cattle across fields and farms, dodging cars on the highway turned out to be a quick trip down the road to the livestock auction to load up the renegades, give em a good scolding and thank the auction folks profusely.

And stay there!


Jarm said...

I hope you fixed the hole that they got out of... =]

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! Rick and Celia

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