Monday, August 1, 2011

Ranch guests: Ian and Dara

Longtime friend Ian and his lovely wife Dara made their first trip to the ranch the other day. Currently residing in New York City, I had encouraged them to come visit when they needed a break from all the people. After all, the ranch is about a quarter of the size of Manhattan island.

A quarter of the population of Manhattan: 396,000
Population of the ranch: 3


I like to think that they enjoyed the more relaxed pace of country life where the daily to-do lists include things like: check water and fences, move chickens, feed pigs, pick raspberries. There was a crash course in ATV operation, beer brewing and field course studies on cattle genetics and range management. It's a veritable farm school out here!


Ian and Dara's visit was pretty short but I heard several promises that they plan to return and I intend to keep them to that. Good news is we will get to see them again in a week when make the trip to the California wedding of other childhood friend and ranch buddies Ian and Lauren. Then it is back to the grind here at the ranch

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