Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ranch guests: Family picnic


My mother's side of the family came for a garden luncheon at the ranch. Some had visited before, others not but I think everyone had a nice time even though it was quite warm in the afternoon.


After our garden lunch we decided to load up in one of our old farm trucks for a tour of the ranch and a visit to the canyon edge.


About halfway up the first hill the truck started to overheat. The menfolk poked around under the hood. Seems when "Ole Blue" was down for repairs this winter a radiator hose didn't get clamped back on tight enough and it blew off.


The truck was too hot to work on so we headed back to the house to regroup.


At least we weren't too far away from home and the walk was all downhill.


We decided to take the canopy off Nathan's new diesel truck and take it out for a spin. (Interesting note: catalytic convertors on gas engines get incredibly hot and it only take a few moments hovering over dry grass to start a fire so all the gas rigs were a no-go for this adventure.) We loaded up again and headed out for a second time.


By now it was the heat of the day and we were all quite warm but everyone was a trooper as we puttered around the ranch. We visited the pigs and the equipment boneyard and Lloyd working on rebuilding a shed. The antelope were kind enough to make an appearance and stood around for a photoshoot before we made it to the canyon edge.




We are so blessed to live in such an incredible place but so much of the experience is being able to share it with the ones we love. It is impossible to accurately describe the ranch to one who has never been here and felt the evening breeze rustling through the trees or waving in the grass. It may have taken me a few years to get the whole family out for a visit but I am so glad that it finally all came together. Maybe we do the same thing next year?


Kate said...

A good time was had by all! Thanks to Nathan, Katia and Lloyd for taking time out of your busy day to host us. I know that Mike and I enjoyed the afternoon!

Aunt Kate

Diane said...

It was great coming out to the ranch to see you. We had a fantastic time and the adventures were all part of making memories to share!
Thanks for sharing with us.
Aunt D

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