Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pretty Poppies


Of all the lovely flowers out here at the ranch, the poppies are one I look forward to each year. There are a few patches around the garden, one between the long house and the bunk house and the biggest patch in the barnyard. Of course in the late spring we tend to bring the cattle around the house to eat down the vegetation and lessen potential fire fuels but invariably the gate to the barnyard gets left open and the cows munch and stomp through the poppy bed. They were kind enough to leave a few for us to enjoy this year.


I love poppies as a cut flower too. They don't last very long inside but that is what makes them such a special treat. They are so bright and cheerful and as long as I blow the pollen off the flowers before they come inside, they don't make a huge mess. There is a trick to keeping poppies as a cut flower though. If you cut them and plunk them in the vase they will wilt within a matter of hours. So how do you keep poppies from wilting? The secret is to dip the cut stems in boiling water for just a few seconds and the pretty poppies will stay perfectly perky as planned.

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