Monday, June 20, 2011

Nana's Knittings

Well my great nana wasn't much of a knitter in her later years but she did do a lot of crocheting (but that isn't as catchy of a title now is it?), especially potholders. She was a hotpad-making machine and I can't remember a family household growing up that did not have one of her signature sets of potholders. I am pretty sure everyone who knew Nana for any extended period of time was gifted a set of these crocheted goodies. Though sometimes I think she just made them with whatever color yarn she had on hand and passed them on to the next person in the queue. Even though they almost never matched the kitchen decor, they are still displayed prominently in family kitchens. My set is a green/teal variegated color. I know Teresa's are bright purple ombre and Lloyd has a set in muted browns. What colors do other family members have in their kitchens?


When Nana passed last summer I was gifted the remains of her yarn supply - two huge plastic totes full of a mismash of half skeins in every color under the rainbow. There was not enough of most colors to keep up the potholder parade but I definitely wanted to use the yarn to crochet something in Nana's memory. I ended up throwing caution and color theory to the wind and spent the winter months dutifully crocheting an afghan.


I ended up with just enough yarn to make a queen sized afghan though I had no idea how big it would be when I started. I would have kept going on beyond California King if that was what I had available. It is a good heavy weight afghan and even with the crazy assortment of colors, it is impossible to not smile when you see it.


For those that are interested in the pattern it is a modified Catherine's Wheel. It is a bit of a "yarn hog" for an afghan pattern but looks great in alternating colors.


I still have a few ends to weave in (by far my least favorite part) but Nana's afghan is here to keep me and my house guests warm and toasty just like one of her nice big hugs. Of course I have no bedroom where such a eclectic collection of colors would match the color scheme but the same rationale of the potholders applies: it was designed and made out of love and memory and for that reason it goes anywhere.

053009 Great Nana
Miss you Nana.


Janice said...

You are a true gift daughter.

Janice said...

My pot holders are royal blue and primary color rainbow!

Katia said...

Royal blue and rainbow! Now that is what I call fancy.

Kate said...

My potholders are in the blue family: a solid medium blue, a dark blue to light blue ombre and a medium blue to white ombre. Oh! and way in the back of the potholder drawer is an interesting blend of tropical colors with some blue!

Kate said...

The afghan looks lovely. I do like that pattern!

Diane said...

Okay, now that made me cry! What a wonderful way to use all that yarn, and it does remind me of Nana... all those colors!

I have several sets of hot pads:
orange, orange & yellow stripe, green & cream stripe, gold, and a set of dark rust to purple ombre.

Diane said...

Oh and don't forget the kitchen towels with the crocheted handle for the oven or fridge handle (I refer to those as "stay-put" towels). A good portion of the yarn probably came from those as well.

Tori said...

Mine are all primary colors. I have several and use them every day!! Store bought ones are no match! Marv got green and tan ones, and Falina got varigated pink ones. Trisha's are tropical greens and blues. Like you said Katia, anyone who knew her for any length of time has some. They are irreplaceable in my eyes and I truly hope that you are able to take over in this area.I don't know anyone on my side who can. I have several of the hand towels as well!

Tori said...

The afghan is wonderful and makes me smile as well! Nana would have loved it because she loved color and lots of it!! You always held a special place in her heart Katia. You were the one who really connected with her way of life and are farming yourself. She could totally relate with that and you made her very proud. You are a wonderful person and we love you!!

Katia said...

I found two more sets of sage green potholders and as Diane mentioned, who could forget the "stay put" towels? I love that name and have quite the collection of those as well.

How delightful that we as a family can bond over such a simple thing as potholders. As I took loaves of fresh baked bread from the oven this morning, I couldn't help think not only of Nana, but all the wonderful and strong women in my family. We are truly blessed.

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