Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ever-changing plans


One of the interesting aspects of farming and ranching is how you can start the day with a clear plan and agenda and before 9am when the rest of the world is making their way to the office, the plan has changed so dramatically. that you drop any thoughts of the prior plans and take off in a totally new direction.

If the cows get out, everyone drops what they were doing, hops on four wheelers and we spend the rest of the day rounding up the stock and then fixing fence or moving them to a new paddock.

Nathan called the other morning from town (where we farm a few acres at his Nana's property). Of course he was getting ready to rake hay and was missing the PTO (power take off) shaft. With no PTO shaft there is no raking of the hay since the PTO is the link that transfers power from the tractor to the implement being towed. Of course we use the same shaft here at the ranch on the hay elevator. And that is exactly where I found it when Nathan called. Sitting on the hay elevator up in the boneyard. I loaded up the greasy part and drove it into town. Looking back, I can't even recall what I had originally planned for the day. Funny how that works.

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