Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Antelope Antelope


In my years at the ranch I have seen the pronghorn antelope many times but when I have my camera on me they are really, really far away and come out as blurry shapes. "It's an antelope! See these squiggles here are the horns...." When my camera is at home, I always see quiet, un-flighty critters - laying in the road, lazily chewing their cud, not a care in the world.

When I headed into town the other day there was a small group of antelope hanging out on the neighbor's near the road. Of course I had left my camera at home. It never fails! But then I remembered that I had my camera in my bag (I was supposed to take photos of the CSA drop a while back, and must have forgot I had the camera then too since I took a total of zero photos). There it was, hidden beneath an eclectic mix of  gloves, rags, granola bars, ear plugs, pocket knives and baling twine (a country gal has different purse inhabitants than city folk).

The camera must have been hidden so well that the antelope didn't notice its presence and let me happily snap away from my car. There were four head in this group: two does, a fawn and a buck.


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