Thursday, June 16, 2011

And not a drop to drink


Woke up the other night at 2am for a glass of water and the pipes just groaned and gurgled. Blast! I had left the water on in the garden and the cistern had run dry. That usually happens a few times in the early summer when we are still getting used to the routine of keeping the garden green but I usually have a house full of guests that anticipate certain amenities like running water and morning coffee. My savior of an early morning shower, Nathan, was sweet enough to stagger out to the garden and turn the hoses off and the pump on. Ah country life! I am hoping this is the only time this summer that running the cistern dry is blatantly my fault but we shall see.


Jarm said...

The title caught my eye. The Mariner is easily one of my favorite poems... Your story is funny in a way, but I'm glad that Nathan is so understanding.

Katia said...

Well let's just hope he runs the cistern dry next time. I don't want to wear that patience too thin or else I will be the one wandering around outside in my pj's at 2am :)

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