Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring cleaning


We spent the day giving the chicken house a thorough cleaning. It is a big project; shoveling all of the litter, scraping down walls an perches, painting the roosts and putting clean straw in all the nestboxes.


Part of the ingenuity of the chicken house is that it was built to take advantage of the slope of the canyon wall. By building the back half of the chicken house up on stilts, we are able to drive a truck below and open the trapdoor in the floor to scoop the litter directly into the truck.


This simple design feature makes it so much easier to get the nitrogen-rich litter out of the chicken house and to the fields where it fertilizes the crops. That is just one small example of what it means to run the ranch as a sustainable system with many interwoven parts.

The hens were very happy when we were done since they had been milling around all day in front of the door, eager to be the first ones to hop up in the nice, clean nestboxes and show their appreciation with fresh eggs.


Jarom said...

Wow. That place looks great now! It would have been cool to see before and after pics side by side though... You were probably too busy cleaning (must have taken all day) though.

Jarom said...

I just noticed that those are two chisels there. The short one for hand work and the long for a lathe. That stuff must have been caked on like rock.

Anonymous said...

It looks so homey :)

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