Thursday, April 7, 2011

Branding time

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Get the irons hot; it's time for branding here at the ole Double F! Branding this year will be on Saturday, April 23rd.

Dates are picked based on the progression of the calving season, hay supply, grass supply and weather. As ranchers, it is our goal to be able to put the herd out as soon as possible after the calves have dropped but only when there is enough forage on the range to be able to support the nutritional needs of the entire herd. Spring is a demanding time for cattle - cows need good feed to produce enough milk for the calves while calves make use of tender spring grasses to supplement their growth, bulls are getting into top condition for breeding season, yearling heifers are trying to get in one more growth spurt before the demands of breeding and pregnancy come calling and beef steers need to pack on lean muscle and condition before they finish for market.

We are still waiting for a few more calves to drop and with just over two weeks until branding, they better hurry up! If you be joining us for branding, please let me know as soon as possible. Some years it is a zoo out here but other years it is just the crew of regulars.

I can't wait to show off all our pretty white-faced calves!


Jarom said...

The calves must know that it is Easter on that weekend because they are always ready to be branded on the weekend of Easter... Maybe I never will get a chance to brand........ =[

Jake said...

Don't feel bad, it was mostly a bunch of munchkins and calves running around. Maybe some tasty meatloaf, and some homebrew, but don't worry for there's always next year!

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