Saturday, March 26, 2011



As with any seasonal change, we are busily trying to wrap up winter while scrambling to prepare for spring. Though the calendar may say it is spring already and it was 55 and sunny this morning, in a span of 45 minutes it was snowing/hailing/ice pelleting sideways. We are not quite far enough away from winter.

I can see it is frustrating for Lloyd and Nathan to not be able to get much farming done because of the weather. They really want to get spring grain in the ground. In a desert climate, I never thought I would wish for less rain.

We had two pair of Canada geese visit us for a week. Growing up in the valley, these birds were everywhere and you could watch their V formations moving steadily across the sky. Over here, I have heard the familiar honks only a few times so imagine our surprise when the geese flew low right over the shop honking wildly then circling back around after deeming our pond (which is normally little more than a damp depression) to be a suitable place to stop over.

The heifers finished calving out earlier in the month and we have since walked them over to the Big Hay Shed to be with the rest of the brood herd. Simple Susan was delighted to have more calves to dote on.

The first batch of chicks are already four weeks old and are out scuttling about on pasture. I've nearly forgotten about how messy and smelly they are to brood and I'm looking forward to the next batch of fuzzballs.

The snowdrops are on their way out and I had my first crocus bloom a few weeks ago. I can't wait for the daffodils, they have been blooming in Portland for weeks but our season comes several weeks later.

We are currently overwhelmed by eggs though that is to be expected with 80 some chickens running around. We will be adding more members to the CSA in June so that increased demand should help level off the supply. Packing eggs is still a tedious task and lordy help me if I slack off for a few days and end up with several hundred eggs to pack.

The sunroom is full of seedlings and the cold frames in the garden are full of delicate little leaves. I can almost taste that first salad.

Each day brings a new triumph.

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Jarom said...

My favorite season is spring because it brings so much hope. When the flowers start to spring up, it is a promise that summer is near.

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