Friday, March 4, 2011

Baby calves

As per request, here are a few of the new faces around the ranch:

This little heifer out of an all black cow was brand new when we showed up to feed. Her mama licked her clean but she still has some crazy hair.

This little heifer calf is almost a week old. She got off to a very rough start. When Lloyd and Nathan went up to feed on Monday, they noticed Muzzy was having some issues calving and had one foot sticking out. It looked like the cow had been trying for a while and we assumed the calf was probably dead but Lloyd managed to pull the calf alive (a very big heifer that was breech so she came out with her back legs first) and get it toweled down a bit and bedded it down next to mama.

When we checked the pair a few hours later, the calf wasn't doing very well. I forgot to mention that Monday the temperature hovered around zero with a 40 mph wind. That leg that was hanging out in the wind was very cold, possibly frozen and the calf was not able to stand up to nurse. When her ears started to freeze solid, we hauled her down to the house and put her in Lloyd's sunroom. After a good brushing and towel dry to fluff up the hair for insulation and a bottle feeding, they loaded her back up and took her up to mama and hoped for the best. Next morning she was still alive, was using her back legs, had been up to nurse (much to the cow's relief) and seemed pretty perky.

Occasionally, she is not so coordinated in the back end but that doesn't stop her from tearing around at high speeds with her tail up in the air. She is super friendly and loves to play chase. She seems like a healthy, happy calf but her ears are all droopy from the cold and that makes her look a little dopey. Nathan gave her the nickname "Simple Susan". Maybe she is a little simple from oxygen deprivation, maybe it is just her silly ears, but the name seems fitting.

We are entering our second week of calving at the Big Hay Shed so stay tuned for more cute calves.


Jarom said...

Simple Susan will probably be really friendly because her first hours of life out of the womb was with people. I really hope she pulls through and shows that she is OK in the long run.

Janice said...

Aw so cute. Thank you. I know you're not supposed to get attached but Simple Susan may end up like other sweet heifers that were a little slow...cough cough, soccer playing button? She was a good little cow.

Janice said...

What's the little black and white girls name? She has a cute little square bonnet on her head. It reminds me of a fifties style hat. All it needs is the little veil over one eye.

Katia said...

I love your description of the hat and now every time I go out to feed, I see that little one and think of you. I ended up calling her "Veila"

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