Thursday, February 17, 2011

Winter repairs and maintenance

Winter is the time of year when the fields are put to rest, the cows are brought in to feed and the shorter days put us to bed sooner. For these reasons, winter is also the time of year where we spend time repairing and maintaining equipment. That way everything is up and ready to go by spring time.

The latest project has been on the list for years, something we've talked about many times but just never got started on it. It always amazes me when we start on a project like this, a big one that has caused much stress over time, and it takes relatively little time to complete the task and move on to the next.

Simple in theory we wanted to take off the bed from one of our Ford F250 pickups and replace it with a flatbed that was purchased many years ago for this project. Having a flatbed pickup around would be immensely helpful for a variety of tasks including hauling round bales and with the sides put on, hauling manure. This heavy duty bed also has a hydraulic lift on it too for easy dumping. Now if only we had done this project a few weeks ago when we hauled home the coop for Frieda and her chicken friends...


It took a couple days to get the old bed off, the new bed off the prior frame, lots of measuring and many intricacies involving the cutting torch and the welder but the extreme pickup makeover is now complete and Lloyd and Nathan seem really happy about getting it done. Sometimes it is more work stressing about starting a project than it is to actually get started.

Frieda makes herself useful as a turkey mechanic.

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I love how Freida is right there in the action!

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