Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ranch miscellany

Sorry posting has been sparse. The last few weeks have been very busy around the ranch and after working on taxes the last few days until I was about cross-eyed, I haven't had much "umph" to stare at the computer some more and come up with a cohesive, thoughtful post. So while my brain takes some time to recover and I head to Portland for our monthly CSA drop, here's a rather un-cohesive, scatterbrained, amalgamation of images I've taken over the last few weeks:

Feeding yearling heifers at the Little Hay Shed

Frieda the stately turkey

Trying to take photos of the sunset as we bumped our way down the driveway

Normally such lapses in judgment result in images like this one. Don't stare too long, it makes me dizzy in just a glance but I can't stop looking!

Nathan and Jake coming up with a strategy to round up the brood cows

Dipping fuel tanks

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Janice said...

wheres the baby cow pictures? Their little new faces are the best!!!

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