Friday, February 18, 2011

Oh Snow


Overnight forecast said gusty winds, 60% chance rain, 20% chance of snow showers. The power started flickering off and on at 5 am and went out completely by 5:30. That happens sometimes when it is windy but when I stumbled out of bed to find six inches of snow on the ground it was quite unexpected. Since I'm sick with a cold, Nathan took care of the chores, bundled me up next to the fire and made me pancakes on the wood stove. He's a keeper that one.



How quickly the weather changes. Just the other day it was blue sky and sunshine while the boys worked on replacing the truck bed.

Within an hour of this photo, the clothesline crumpled under the weight of the snow. Nathan got it all patched up again though later in the afternoon.

Lloyd had the foresight yesterday to haul out round bales to the assorted groups of cattle so the heifers on the hill had a meal in their bellies and a soft hay pile for rest. I asked Nathan last night to herd Pa-pa the peacock into the chicken coop because it was supposed to be so windy overnight and he's taken to roosting in the trees. Glad he went inside, it would have been a chilly night.

Brr! Yet another reminder that it is still very much wintertime, no matter that I have seedlings started in the sunroom and chicks to show up next week. I'll just have to adapt.


Janice said...

Yep looks like winter

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling ill. Get better fast.


PS - Nice days to be inside with a fire going.

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