Thursday, February 3, 2011

My friend Freda; The turkey dog

Recently some friends, Josh and Natascha, had to move and would be unable to take their 30 chickens and one turkey so we offered a home at the ranch for their fluffy friends. There are lots of interesting personalities in the bunch but the stand out is Frieda, the Bourbon Red turkey. I've had little experience with turkeys and we were considering raising them so I had no idea what to expect. What a joy she is to have around though!

She is just as attentive (and needy) as a good farm dog - making pips and squeaks and squaks when a car or new person shows up. She sounds the alarm whenever anyone heads near the beer fridge in the cellar. She will follow you around all day and is disgruntled when you go inside without her. Then she will sit on the porch and peer in through the window at you while making sad turkey noises. But perhaps her most endearing quality is that like any companion dog, she's quite the lap-turkey. She loves to invite herself onto your lap, curl up and be petted until she falls asleep. Some days she is the perfect distraction to remind me to slow down and enjoy some quality time with the animals that fill my days.

A shares a  moment with Frieda the lap-turkey.

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Jarom said...

That's awesome. The turkey is probably so gentile because it is a hen and not a tom... Toms can be really mean.

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