Saturday, February 26, 2011


It's been a snowy February for us. We are entering our third week with snow on the ground which presents some hazards and impediments to the work day. The biggest issue right now is the wind drifting the snow over the road.

When you have a fallow field covered in very powdery snow, the wind can move all the snow on the field surprisingly quickly and before you know it the roads are too deep to drive through. To make things more difficult, the wind keeps changing so the snow drifts in from multiple directions. I haven't been around the ranch long by comparison, but I've never seen the snow drift like this before though I had heard stories about being snowed-in. I talked with the neighbor the other day and she said the snow was drifting in places she had never seen before in her whole life so maybe I am not too far off-base in my "this is crazy weather" observations.

Lloyd and Nathan have been faithfully plowing the roads with the little Oliver and the chained-up road grader.  If the wind is not bad overnight we can make it to the haysheds to feed but between there and the pavement is travel-at-your own risk. Good thing we went to town a few days ago to stock up on supplies.

Nathan got an early start on road clearing last week with the Oliver before the next storm system dumped yet more snow on us.


Jarom said...

Time to make a snow fort!

Adam said...

I feel your snow pain. We have had like at least 4 or 5 feet so far this winter and have been sitting at -25 to -35 degrees C for what seems like ever. 15 day forcast still doesn't have us breaking into the positives :(

Jarom said...

That's why Canadians live in Igloos, right?

Janice said...

snowy year here in the higher elevation valley too. Not deep but frequent. Too many mornings waking up to 20s and two + inches. But hope is on the way!!! Daffodils are about 3" high right now and the robins have returned! :) Spring is right around the corner... right?

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