Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Guessing game - past their prime

Who (aside from Jarom or Rachel) can tell me what these are?


Update: Lori is super close with her guess in the comment section.

Does anyone want to elaborate on:
1) What these are?
2) What is their purpose?
3) Why do we have a big pile of them?


Anonymous said...

I think I could take a shot at the answer, but will wait a bit for others to try.

Great Cow picture! Looking fwd to seeing you soon.

Jarm said...

Oooh ooh, pick me! I know!!

Lori Callister said...

spent shells?

Anonymous said...

Those are spent primers. They also are called garbage. Make sure you do not have any without a dimple in them and dispose of them.

Anonymous said...

To be more to the point, those appear to be 209a shotgun primers that were removed from the shotgun shell during the reloading process. You can tell they are from various manufactures by the different colors.

Anonymous said...

Also, only Bud can tell you why you have a pile of them.

Jarm said...

And you can only get credit if you say who you are in your post... =]

Uncle Grump said...

Hum, my guess is definately shotgun shell primers since I have inside info that more shotgun shell reloading happens at the ranch than other shells.

The 209a indicates mr/ms anonymous probably knows reloading.

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