Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Digging taters

On a recent visit we solicited our unsuspecting (but always supportive) guests Jarom and Rachel for a morning of labor out in the potato patches. We started up on the flat where there is a narrow strip next to the alfalfa where the irrigation just barely waters the soil. No special treatment for these spuds, we just tossed them in the ground and walked away. Miracles that they are, they still produced a bounty of potatoes even under such neglectful circumstances.

Jarom unearths the first tubers from their hard packed clay refuge.

The crew scrabbling about looking for taters.

Hauling in some of the bounty to the truck.

Once we had harvested all the potatoes up on the flat we returned to the house for easier digging for slightly less neglected plants. Save the best for last right? After only a handful of plants, Jarom and Rachel have a half full tub of big Russets and after a whole morning of lower back strain and dirty jeans we have enough potatoes to keep us in the starch for a long, long while.


Jake said...

They're alive!!! Good job guys. I can't remember how long they had to wait between waterings, but I'm glad they made it.

Jarom said...

I hear that was a week between watering out near the alfalfa patch, but I might have heard Nathan wrong...

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