Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cool things I see when my camera is at home - Part 3

A slight twist on the leaving your camera at home theme, today I wanted to talk about cool things I miss even when I have my camera with me.

We went out to check on the cows and bring some more mineral salt for them. On the way home, the 4-wheeler ran out of gas but luckily there was still some fuel in the reserve tank so we got to take the scenic view home and experience our own little safari.

We saw a couple mule deer. They must know that hunting season opens soon; they bounded down the hill at top speed.

We saw this curious coyote. Only because he was so curious about us did I stand a chance at a photo:


We flushed a few small groups of chukars (an introduced and now naturalized gamebird). They were way too fast for a photo.

We also flushed a single Hungarian partridge. It was gone before I even thought to take a photo.

And since it was the day before deer season opens, we saw a large herd of deer way across Forman canyon.


But when I get the camera home and look at the photos on the computer, these weren't deer.

IMG_4444 zoom

Why it is a herd of Barbary sheep and judging by how many heads are turned this way, I've no doubt that they saw us too. This is how close most people get when they encounter the auodads; spotted from across the canyon. But this brings my lifetime Barbary sheep sightings to two in as many days. Pretty good.


Jill Charvat said...

Wow...what a sight! Never saw any of them in my years out there. Tell me they can't be shot....

Janice said...

So cool! The ram on the right has huge horns.

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