Monday, October 4, 2010

Cool things I see when my camera is at home

It is almost a guarantee that if I leave my camera at home or if the batteries are dead, I will see something cool that I want to remember or share.

Nathan came in the other day with the coolest looking caterpillar (I'm a bug nerd, deal with it). It was huge (maybe about the size of my pinkie) and slate grey in color. It had two orange "false eyes" and when you gave it a gentle poke it would pull it's head inside the body which would stretch out the orange eyes. Then as it held on to the branch or finger with the lower legs the head would waggle around. What a cool bug!

I go get my camera - just a few quick changes to the white balance and shutter speed and CLICK. The lens retracted back into the body and a red light let's me know that the batteries are dead. I put the batteries on the charger and the cool caterpillar in an old terrarium so I can take pictures tomorrow.

I go to check on my photographic muse the next day and he is hanging upside down and his head has fallen off.

He decided this was just the perfect spot to pupate and spun a little hammock and went to reorganizing his internal parts. Not only do I have no photos of my totally awesome caterpillar friend, now I have to wait until spring until we can hang out again. Bah! I hate it when nature does not abide by my arbitrary schedule.


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Jarom said...

That's hilarious. I can't wait to see him when we come out next!

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