Friday, September 17, 2010

Weddings and anniversaries

A bit off topic from my normal "life on the ranch" theme today.


My little brother got married last week. It was a very sweet ceremony. They really made it their own; you could see their personality in all the little details. It started to pour just as the ceremony started (a new rainfall record for the day!). All of the guests were under a tent but the wedding party was not covered. Didn't matter though, those two just beamed through the whole thing.


I was having issues getting enough light for the camera to make non-blurry photos. Ironically enough, my best shot of him is one of those "Ahh it is my wedding day, I am so stressed out" moments. He doesn't read the blog anyways so I am sure he won't mind me sharing.


But just so it doesn't seem like I am picking on him. Here's one of my finer moments from my wedding:

Roth 037

Looks like I am about ready to club the photographer.

Aww. Little bro is all grown up now. Now those two can help diffuse the "when are you going to have kids?" nagging Nathan and I get all the time. Here's me and my man of honor on my special day:

Roth 049

Speaking of special day, today is Nathan and my anniversary. Five years. I'm not sure if you asked me on my wedding day where I would be in five years, if I would have imagined the life I have today. Since that day we've graduated college, moved several times for several jobs and finally decided to follow our hearts out to the ranch. Nowadays, I can't imagine my life being anything different.

Roth 018

Roth 221

Roth 090

Here's to many more. Cheers!


Jarom said...

Happy Anniversary!

adam said...

holy crap. looks like there were more beards at the wedding than at a metal show.

Happy anniversary as well!

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