Friday, September 24, 2010

Curly tails and snuffle noses

We picked up some new weaner pigs the other day. Whenever we introduce new pigs we like to have them separated from the main herd just so everyone can safely get acquainted across the fence. These groups are all full blood sisters out of the same boar and sow from a neighboring ranch (the big pigs are the spring litter and little pigs the fall litter) and are half Berkshire, quarter Hampshire and quarter Large Black.


Nathan and Jarom building the temporary nursery pen inside the larger pig pasture.


These little gals are quite squirmy and they make the most unbelievable squeal when you pick them up. The safest way to carry piglets this size (for pig and person) is to hold it upside down hanging on to opposite legs. They are calmer this way are only upside down for a few quick steps from the truck to their pens.


The big pigs are very interested in this new pens of weaner pigs and there is lots of grunting, squealing and nose touching. Pigs are very social animals and once they get their differences worked out they would much rather to live as one big family group. For the first few nights after we brought the new pigs home, the big pigs slept in a pile of straw next to the pen instead of inside their pig house.

Little pigs enjoy some fresh cut clover and tasty squash.

We don't want the big pigs feeling neglected now do we?

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Good to hear that they are getting along well.

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