Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where there's smoke

We had some thunderstorms roll through the area last night that knocked out the power. We shut off irrigation so it doesn't drain down all the water in the line as well as turned off any sprinklers we had running. Since our house water is stored in a large cistern and gravity feeds the house, no sense in draining it down when you never know when the power will come back on.

Thunderstorms can also mean fire so when we smelled a hint of smoke, we headed up on the hill with binoculars to check out the horizon. No new fires, probably just smoke from a fire out of Clarno. However, we did see the most amazing sunset! Of course I did not have my camera but it was unbelievable; huge black sky with a strip of hot, hot pink on the horizon (the pinkest pink you can imagine), rays of color streaming across the underbellies of the black clouds, a pillar of colored light illuminating the 'bear' climbing up Mt Hood. We watched until the color faded from the sky and we bumped down the road back to our dark home.

Later that evening, I finish talking on the phone (thank goodness for corded phones when the power is out) and come around the corner to see Nathan cleaning a Colt Officer's Model .38 revolver by hurricane lamp. I chuckled a bit and we both decided it was a good task for such a night.


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Jarom said...

A lot of those pistols were cleaned by those kinds of lights... very fitting.

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