Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's in a name


This is one of my spring Americauna/Easter Egger hens. Even if she conforms to no breed standards, she is still a striking bird with the splashes of black across her white feathers and olive green legs. She is super friendly too. So what does a dazzler like her have for a name?


"Gross Sandwiches"

OK, let me explain that one a bit. When we got her as a chick, she looked like this:


When I opened the box when we got home from the post office, I picked her up and said, "This one looks like the guy that drives the car and eats the gross sandwiches!"

We had just spent the weekend with our friends Adam and Kristen and watched some old Food Network shows and this poor chick reminded me of this guy and well, the unfortunate name stuck. Isn't word association a funny thing?

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Jarom said...

When you said "Gross Sandwiches" I was thinking of Fry from Futurama. In one episode he eats an egg salad sandwich from a vending machine at a truck-stop and gets sentient worms.

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