Friday, July 9, 2010

Update... finally!

Indeed it has been a while since I have updated. Astute blog visitors will note that in busy times the posting slows down but, fresh from our second CSA delivery in Portland yesterday, I am reinspired to share life out here on the ranch. So stay tuned for a long posts on such enlighting topics as: haying, chicken waterers, planting potatoes and our ongoing war with rodents in the garden.

But for now, enjoy a few of my excess photos of the lovely bitterroot displays this spring:

IMG_2318 copy

IMG_2307 copy

IMG_2319 copy

IMG_2331 copy

IMG_2400 copy

IMG_2312 copy

IMG_2380 copy


Jarm said...

Are the bowl waterers not workign out so well?

Diane said...

They are such beautiful flowers, do you know what species they are? Or their latin name?

Katia said...

Lewisia rediviva. Not sure of the ssp. but I could find out.

Jarm said...

Google to the rescue! That is the correct spelling Katia.

Katia said...

I meant the sub species not the species silly ;-) but you are right nontheless. It is Lewisia rediviva Pursh var. rediviva, Lewisia rediviva Pursh var. minor is located further south.

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