Thursday, July 22, 2010



Raspberry season is here. To ensure that we get our share of the bounty, I head out early each morning and pick a half flat of the sweet, juicy berries before the birds and wasps come out in force. I like picking berries; such a calming experience in the cool morning air. I try to not think about stories of rattlers hanging out in the thicket though.

My least favorite part of berry picking is what to do with them once I bring them inside. I very much enjoy seeing all the little cartons lined up and piled high with berries. They have such a short shelf life that you have to do something with them in a day or so of being picked or they turn to mush: pies, tarts, cakes, cookies, cobblers, iced tea, vinaigrette, jams, jellies. No matter how uncreative I feel about making something with them, I can't stand watching the birds take them all so I dutifully go out and pick. Unfortunately, the raspberry season falls between CSA deliveries or I could bring the excess along as for sale with the other farm products. For now, many of these babies will find their way to the freezer until another day when I have a plan for them.

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Jarm said...

From the freezer to your belly on a particularly hot day is my choice!

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