Monday, July 12, 2010



Little bro and honorary ranch hand Jake spent the last few weeks helping out at the ranch. In the summer months where there are never enough hours in the day and the "To Do" list grows faster than we can check projects off, having Jake around has been immensely helpful. He has spent enough time out here to know the daily chore routine and as well as big picture things like where the cows are not allowed. So when he arrives at the ranch and sees the cows on the wrong side of the fence, instead of driving down to the house to get us, he hops out of his car and spends the next 20 minutes herding them back into the pasture.


From hard, dirty ranch chores like chopping hay, bucking bales and cleaning grain bins to day to day stuff like like feeding the livestock, moving irrigation or chasing down a rattler in the garden, as long as we keep him supplied with ibuprofen, hearty meals and homebrewed beer, he never complains and works his butt off.

The free labor is nice of course but he is also hilarious, always in a good mood and just plain good company. We always wish we could spend more time doing "fun stuff" like hiking or target shooting when he comes to visit but he is very understanding that the ranch is a super busy place and that "the hay needs a'cuttin, the bales need a'stackin and the cows need a'movin!".

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Jake said...

Always fun spending time with you guys.
: )

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