Monday, June 14, 2010

A weekend with friends

The descent to Trout Creek

Our always delightful friends and CSA members Jarom and Rachel came to visit this weekend. Scheduling and sickness meant that it had been six months since their last visit and we were excited to see them. Despite atrocious allergies all weekend for Jarom, Rachel and myself (the grass is just barely starting to bloom, my Benadryl stash is close at hand to get me through the next few weeks) we ate yummy food including a grilled ranch chicken, moved some cattle around, went on a great hike down to Trout Creek and just generally enjoyed the lovely summery weather.

A butterfly visitor

Rancher Rachel pushes the cattle along

Jarom relaxes in an alder overlooking the creek


Jarom said...

It really was a fun weekend. And you forgot to mention the calfing of meanness.

Katia said...

See previous post

Jarom said...

I'm super good reading.

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