Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Right time, right place

Went to check cows the other day and after watching the herd for a while and checking water and salt supplies we noticed one cow off by herself. This time of year either the cow is sick or she is a late calver. We noticed she had a purple eartag that indicates she is one of our two year heifers. When we turned out the heifers a few weeks ago with the rest of the herd we had one left to calve (#57).

Sure enough it was #57 and she had a calf bedded down under a fallen tree behind her. From a distance we could tell the calf had been cleaned up (maybe a day or two old) but something still wasn't right. The cow had the entire area all trampled down like she had been pacing about and we soon spotted why - when the calf had bedded down under the fallen juniper, it had gotten its' leg stuck between the branches. Both back legs were twisted behind and the calf had been there for a while, judging by the condition of his legs which had been rubbed raw.

Nathan clamored into the thicket, snapped off one of the restricting branches and repositioned the calf's legs. Situations like these have the potential to not turn out well, especially for such a young calf, but much to our delight the little one stood right up and staggered over to mama to nurse.

What a good mama #57 was, standing guard protecting her calf especially since this was her first calf and heifers don't always make the most attentive mothers.

If the calf had gotten stuck under a tree another 50 feet to the south it would have been over a ridge and we wouldn't have spotted it. Or, if we checked cows in a few days, the calf probably would have died or been so weak when we found it that it would not be able to make it. It was simply a lucky coincidence of being in the right place at the right time and taking a moment to go in for a closer inspection.

IMG_2747 copy
The next day we spot the calf bedded down, this time away from fallen trees.


Jarom said...

It's hind legs look good. I'm glad to hear that serendipity worked out for you guys!

Teresa said...

What a cutie & what a bit of good fortune!
Miracles all around us! Reasons to rejoice!

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