Thursday, June 3, 2010

More pig pasture

With extra assistance from guests out visiting during the holiday weekend, we were finally able to get the last reach of the pig pasture fenced.

IMG_2704 copy
The pig pasture (courtesy of Mike). Though it is difficult to see, the "home base" of the pen is on the right (the gold spot is straw in the compost area) and the large pasture area extends all the way to the edge of the photo on the left. The pasture area is about 6 times the size of the living quarters and there is still room to expand in the future.

The pen design has two main sections; a smaller living area for eating, sleeping and composting and a much larger section that we can rotate through for pasture. We ran out of wire for the last length on the pasture area during the first phase of construction.

IMG_2604 copy
Mike and Celia piece two sections of wire, Lloyd surveys the distance we need to cover.

Since we are using recycled wire from a neighboring ranch, the first step is is unfurl the rolls and remove any barbed wire, fix holes, remove rusted spots and piece the sections together.

IMG_2618 copy
Mending two sections of wire together, the wires must be wrapped properly to stretch the fence tight.

IMG_2624 copy
Moving the mended fence to the fence line - Chuck in the lead on the ATV followed by H., Celia, Mike and Rick with Gus and Zoe (the dogs) at his heels. Of course we could have rolled it up and driven it to the spot but the hill is too steep to drive on and we had plenty of extra hands.

IMG_2670 copy
The hogs survey the job as Chuck and Lloyd pull the wire.

With the wire in place, we attach the end to a bar (for even tension along each wire) and then attach the bar to the tractor with a chain. Lloyd backs up the tractor until the fence is tight and the wire is stapled to the braces. Then we go along to each post and use fence ties to secure the wire to the post.

IMG_2678 copy
Alfalfa. Delicious!

By 10:30, the job was done and the four little piggies were out enjoying their new pasture.


Chuck and Shelley said...

Darned good looking Pig pasture. Quite the fencing crew. Fun project for all, including the pigs, it appears. Thank you.

Jarom said...

Less than a week and I can make a personal inspection... =]

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