Friday, June 18, 2010

First CSA distribution


Yesterday we loaded up and headed for the big city to drop off our first meat delivery for our Portland CSA members.


Pickups went smooth, everybody showed up and our members were all very friendly. Some just made a quick stop on the way home from work but others stayed a while and mingled.


Our delightful hostess (and super aunt) Shelley, outdid herself with a lovely spread of hors de'vours. Chuck and Shelley's wonderful hospitality - a welcoming home, tasty snacks, good wine - really set the CSA delivery apart from what could be an impersonal exchange at the park and made it a fun, community gathering. Even neighbors that were not part of the CSA stopped by to chat about local, healthy food.


We had a great time. It was such a proud moment to see the CSA progress. It was just over a year ago when we sat around the kitchen table investigating a CSA model for the ranch. The never-ending support from family, friends and folks who care about local food kept us going. Then there was all the hard work caring for the stock (and solicitation of help from unsuspecting ranch visitors) - feeding, watering, building fences and pasture pens. The inordinate amount of figures I ran over and over again just to make sure this would work. The planning. The scheduling. The marketing. The processing. The packaging. And finally, here we are today, handing over cotton bags filled with white packages that embody all that work. We may never get rich farming, but is sure is satisfying work.



See you next month!


Jill charvat said...

Great to see you guys, and we can't wait to cook something up! Looking forward to next month.

Ian said...

Congratulations guys! I'm jealous; I wish I were closer so I could get in on that action!

Jarom said...

It kinda makes me wish we had picked up our delivery there instead of at the ranch the previous weekend.

CSW said...

We are trying everything, and appreciating it so much. Lovely beef. Lovely pork. Lovely eggs. And Rick made this amazing mushroom risotto with spring porcini, just to do justice to that gorgeous chicken. It was absolutely divine - such a flavorful bird, and now I'll turn the last of it into soup. You guys have a beautiful product,and we're so proud of all you've done. Bravo!

Adam said...

I'm so happy for you guys! I know the amount of work that you put into this and wish there was something I could do to help from long distance!

Jarom said...

We had some of the pork chops tonight from the CSA... AMAZING! (I'm not one to use all caps lightly either)

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