Saturday, May 1, 2010

The cows came home

This morning the yearling heifer herd, which is currently pasturing around the house, was acting a bit cantankerous: stamping around and bellowing. We knew they are a little anxious to go elsewhere and planned to move them this morning.

Then we noticed some were already on the wrong side of the fence, and they were much bigger now! We go up and check and half of the brood herd is standing there. That is too many for a hole in the fence (though maybe they smelled Archie and were looking for a date). Seems we missed a gate and they walked themselves home from Out South (oh well it happens - if it is not an open gate, they find a spot where the elk break the fence down anyway).

We herded them back down the alleyway to Out South. The heifer herd wanted to come along as well and followed along the fence up to the cattle guard. Then a few of them jumped the cattle guard (much to Nathan's dismay as he had to jump the fence and chase them back through). I pushed the brood herd along and left Nathan to take care of the heifers. We walked along the alleyway and guess who was waiting so patiently at the gate at the end of the county road? Good ole False M and her calf. I opened the gate and she walked right through. We got everyone back where they are supposed to be and got the pasture ready for the heifers to be moved along. Just another Saturday morning at the ranch.

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