Saturday, May 1, 2010

Comment feature

Since I have received this same question multiple times from readers I thought I would share how to post a comment on the blog without having to create an account. It is rather confusing how it is set up currently.

- At the end of each post it says "(#) Comments". Click on that.
- This brings up a little box. Type your comment.
- Below the comment box is a drop down menu. Select "Name/URL".
- Another window will pop up, put your name in the box and click continue (URL can be left blank).
- Post your comment. It should show up on the blog shortly.
- Another option is to select "Anonymous" from the drop down menu and just include your name with your comment.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say :)



Jarom said...

I'm glad I won't be the only commenter now.

Katia said...

Well your comments have always meant so much to me anyway :)

You heard him folks, anyone else ready to chime in?

Diane said...

I love reading your blog... it keeps me in touch with your life now.

Katia said...

Thanks Aunt D :)

Teresa said...

Yes, I should be working! Maybe I can get fired! Thanks again for a wonderful vacation time spent with you kids in paridise!
So good to see a red angus! As a kid I remember "Rex Domino" and "Yukon Supreme"!
When I see your new addition...
"King Arthur" ... comes to mind!
He looks happy & hope the girls are too!
Luv you,

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