Thursday, April 29, 2010

Three little pigs

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We have some new additions to the ranch today: three little pigs! They are all gilts (females) and there is one all black, one black/white with splotches and one black with white socks and white on the very tip of her tail. These pigs are smaller than the last two were when we picked them up but are a little younger.

Since our Meat CSA requires meat year-round, we raise a few batches of hogs each year to supply the shareholders. The big pigs will be processed next month and these three will be processed in the fall.

Nathan picked up the little ones from a nearby farm this morning and we put them in a small pen inside the main pig pasture so the two groups can get to know each other. The big pigs seems more interested than the little ones and paced around the fence calling to them. Maybe they wanted to meet each other or maybe they thought the little pigs were getting some better food (newsflash, it comes from the same bucket!).

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The two groups seem to be getting along well through the fence. The little pigs are very excited to be out on pasture. They came from a drylot pen and love the grass. As soon as we put them in the pen they started grazing - their little tails wiggling around like helicopters.

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Jarom said...

From what I have been reading about feral hogs recently (I know I read too much), the older hogs are trying to induct the younger ones into their herd (or whatever a group of pigs is called). It is a common thing to occur if there are feral hogs in an area to want to join up with domestic ones. I would watch the area around your hogs to see if feral ones start showing up.

Anonymous said...

Hey nathan This is Hunter thanks for the awesome experience on memorial day weekend this is going to be my last hello for a while so please write back my email is P.S the pig fence looks awesome

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